Sophomore: Bridging Differences with Love

My time at the Handicapables event at Bellarmine was very inspirational and gratifying. I was an escort for Albert, who was very nice, humble, and caring. His life story, including his stroke and how he currently volunteers and gives back to the community of stroke patients, was very impactful for me. For Albert to volunteer after everything he has gone through is very honorable and generous of him. This experience was very valuable to me as we both shared our favorite hobbies, sports, ideas, and backgrounds. I came to know that Albert is fluent in 6 languages! He truly is a magnificent man with a lot of spirit and joy, and I was happy to be his companion for the day.
~ Anish '20


While at Young Life Capernaum, I got to work with children (specifically teens) who had developmental challenges and were disabled. It was a great experience to bring joy and see smiles from people who had a lot of challenges with things that people today take for granted. Spending time with them and showing my appreciation was the least I could do for the full organization. I had a lot of fun while spending time with them, and I hope that I can return once again for more great and memorable experiences. We played games, sang songs, and laughed. I even got to stay after and talk to them about their daily lives, and made some memories about each individual that I will never forget.
~ Student, Class of 2020