Junior: Sharing The Wealth of The Heart

I have worked many times at CityTeam Ministries. Each time I go, there is always a new experience that requires me to reflect on how I live my life. Going there has made me realize how lucky I am to be able to grow up healthy, sheltered, and loved. The last time I went, I saw some people who society just does not love and shelter. Initially, I felt sad, but then I realized that I have the power, education, and ability to give my honest help in solving some of the biggest problems of Silicon Valley and of the world. Whenever I go to CityTeam, I meet new people who put a smile on my face and make me realize that homeless people are just people. They get demonized so often, but when you work with them you see a different world. 
~ Trevor '18


I went into this service opportunity at Loaves and Fishes a little afraid of what it was going to be like. I had never been to a soup kitchen before. I started by preparing the salad that was going to be served, and it came time when all the men and women began showing up for dinner. I handed out plums to people, saying hello, and they said thank you. Every single person in that line was grateful for what they had been given. After the meal, a woman who had crutches for what looked like a sprained ankle asked me, "Excuse me, young man, would you know how I would be able to donate to the organization?" I was stunned. This woman wanted to give what little she had to help other people in her situation. I will never forget this experience. It really opened up my heart because I realized that many who have more are not always as generous as those who have less.  
~ Ben '19